3 reasons to take an internship in Elis (Ileia), Peloponnese

Internship experience in Greece has been one of the pick of my academic career. Coming to work for “Dione” local development centre in Ancient Olympia, was the great decision I made when I had to select internship offers from different organizations for my Erasmus program.

Past two months are full of significant learning experiences, wonderful adventures with multinational friends, memorable memories and unforgettable beauty of this amazing country and the region we stayed in.

I am working in the area of sustainable development and therefore, this internship offered me the opportunity to work as a project management assistant on highlighting Natura 2000 sites. It is worth mentioning that I became familiar with Natura awards and other environmental initiatives because of this internship. I am looking forward to utilizing this information in my academia as well.

The region of Elis, Greece, is rich in history, culture and environment. It is all about greenery and natural beauty.

The six Natura 2000 sites of the region are all rich in natural beauty, precious species and habitat of plants and animals. There is also a long beautiful, neat and gushing beach.

Visiting these sites and beach has always been rejuvenating and I have enjoyed all the fun and relaxing time we had during my internship.

Another fascinating part of the internship was working in an ultimate international environment. The intercultural experience, while living with interns from England, Vietnam, Finland, France, Liberia, Turkey and meeting with people with different backgrounds had great impact on my personal development.

I learned a lot about the dynamics of different parts of our planet, mainly about their rituals, food, living styles and a lot more interesting things. All this experience will undoubtedly help me in my life ahead.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my school, and my hosting organization for providing me with a wonderful internship experience, which was certainly well above my expectations. I

enjoyed every single day of my stay here and will definitely miss this time of my life.

Mohammad Abdullah Shaikh (Turkey)

Erasmus Intern at “Dione” local development centre, Ancient Olympia, Western Greece Contact: abdullahshaikh@std.sehir.edu.tr, vasso-charitopoulou@hotmail.com (Vaso Charitopoulou, Founder & head of “Dione”)