Elis’ local development centre at the “Trust Yourself’’ Project in Sakarya, Turkey

A new project under the title “Trust Yourself” was organized by the “Zift Organization” from 3 to 11 June in Sakarya, Turkey.

This project focused on finding innovative ways to help and incorporate people with disabilities into the broader society, bringing together 50 participants from Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Greece.

The participants were engaged in various activities aimed at raising awareness about creating a society where disabled people could live a normal life as everyone else. The participants of the project met with disabled students at a local middle school and had also a meeting with the City Mayor of Sakarya Municipality.

“Dione” Local Development Centre, established in Ancient Olympia, was represented in collaboration with the cooperative social enterprise “Eco Divri” by the Erasmus Intern Vugar Mamedov from Azerbaijan and the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Emmanuel Dweh Togba from Liberia.

Their participation was fruitful and contributed meaningfully towards the success of the training project.


Vugar Mamedov, vugar.mamedov@yahoo.com -Emmanuel Dweh Togba, etogba95@gmail.com

Vaso Charitopoulou, Head of “Dione”, vasso-charitopoulou@hotmail.com