How far is modern Elis (Ileia) from Sustainability?

Attempting to respond to the question above, the 8 young people from Ileia who participated from 21 to 30 August 2017 in the youth exchange in Romania, in the framework of the project «Green Life for a Healthy Life», gathered in Pyrgos, the capital city of Elis county.

The workshop took place in 4 January 2018 in the meeting hall of the Elis’ Chamber of Commerce and its objective was the dissemination of the conclusions and the gained knowledge of the project to the Greek youth of the region.

The aim of the «Green Life for a Healthy Life» project was to record modern environmental issues at local level and to seek solutions through the use of renewable energy sources as an antidote to the destruction of the environment.

The table below presents the fields of study that the Greek group successfully covered:

Field of Study Theme Greek participant
Pollution and Environment The Impact of Pollution on Environment Aikaterini Michalopoulou
Solar Energy Electricity from Solar Energy Eleni Dakoura
Wind Energy Wind and Electricity Ilias Iliopoulos
Biopower Biogass at Home Andreas Angelopoulos
Solar Energy Solar Hot Water Dionysios Antonopoulos
Hybrid Power Systems Green Idea for a Green House Andriana Maria Varela
Local Utility of Renewable Energy Local Renewable Energy Resources Spilios Varelas
The Future of Renewable Energy Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy Resources Eleni Michalopoulou


The “Green Life for a Healthy Life” project is implemented by The Green Teach Association (Candesti, Dambovita) and the local development centre “Dione” (Ancient Olympia, Elis), under the Erasmus+/ Key Action Learning Mobility of Individuals programme.