The local development centre of Ileia shares experience with Serbia on Online Tools & Non-formal Learning

“Online tools in youth work and non-formal learning” was a seven days long Training course that took place on the mountain Kopaonik in Serbia, from 20th to 26th of January 2017.

The training course that was coordinated by the Educational Center of Krusevac, gathered together 30 youth workers, coordinators, leaders and activists, who are actively involved in youth work, coming from 10 different countries, CoE member states: Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Romania.
“Dione” local development centre, located in the area of Ancient Olympia in Ileia county, participated in the “Online tools in youth work and non-formal learning” training course by being represented by Alexia Karageorgis and Dalibor Selucký.

The main objective of this project was to promote existing and apply new tools for improving the quality of youth work and non- formal learning. The training course empowered the participants to use more efficiently and extensively on line tools in their activities, both for improving the educational process and also for disseminating the material developed and results achieved further to wider communities.

• To strengthen the role of youth work in increasing employability and fighting unemployment of young people through development and practice of new non formal education tools.
• To develop informational and communication tools in the
field of youth work and non formal learning, through an open educational resource and virtual cooperation.
• To strengthen cooperation and exchange of practice between
youth workers in the field of improving the quality of youth work and non-formal learning on national and European level.
The detailed training program is presented on http://youth-

Vaso Charitopoulou, founder & general manager of “Dione”
Alexia Karageorgis, Cultural & Natural Heritage Researcher from Cyprus
Dalibor Selucký, New Entrepreneur under the EYE programme from Czech
Republic, founder of “Tranquila Casa”