“Green Life for a Healthy Life”: sustainable ways of living & doing business

The successful Youth Exchange that took place from 21 to 30 August in Romania proved that there are alternative ways to live healthy and to do business effectively in the modern world, in balance with the environment and without threatening the natural resources.

“Green Teach Association” in Candesti (Dambovita county, Romania) and “Dione” Local Development Centre in Ancient Olympia (Elis county, Greece), joined forces to raise awareness among the young people in both countries on the need to exploit the renewable resources and protect the environment.

The 16 Romanian and Greek participants, aged between 17 and 25 years old, will apply the learning outcomes obtained during the project in order to suggest sustainable solutions to the problems of their communities in the field of environmental protection.

The topics that the two groups thoroughly discussed during this Exchange, using non-formal and informal learning methods, were:

· The Impact of Pollution on Environment

· Electricity from Solar Energy

· Wind and Electricity

· Biogas at Home

· Solar Hot Water

· Green Idea for a Green House

· Local Renewable Energy Resources

· Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy Resources

The project included also a Thematic Visit to a photovoltaic park in Nucet village, a Documentary Visit to Bran Castle and a Thematic Visit to the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and Technology at the Valahia University of Targoviste.


The “Green Teach Association”, as the Project Coordinator, had hosted from 9 to 12 July in Candesti the founder and general manager of “Dione”, Vaso Charitopoulou, for the needs of the Advanced Planning Visit, during which all the project parameters were discussed in detail.

The meeting was organized by the “Green Teach Association” President, Irina Constantinescu.

The Advanced Planning Visit’s program included a fruitful meeting with the Mayor Popa Georgeta at the City Hall, who explained the challenges and problems faced by the local community and how the Municipality manages to overcome the difficulties and secure a good way of life for the residents.

The “Green Life for a Healthy Life” project is implemented under the Erasmus+/ Key Action Learning Mobility of Individuals programme.

The participants received the Youthpass Certificate after the completion of the Youth Exchange.