Job finding tools & process: a dynamic youth workshop in Pyrgos

An one-day workshop aiming at introducing to the young people of Pyrgos in Elis (Ileia) county of Peloponnese, the various modern tools and processes connected to finding a job, and encouraging the local youth to get actively involved in the labour market,

was organized and successfully implemented by the local development centre “Dione” and the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur from Liberia, Emmanuel Dweh Togba.

The workshop that brought together local youngsters from Pyrgos and the surrounding cities, stressed the need for young people to get acquainted with key tools and processes included in searching and getting a job in their career area.

Some of the main conclusions of the workshop were that staying on the job is equally important as getting the job and that young people should concentrate in developing their career skills so as to become competitive and gain a strong advantage in the demanding, challenging modern world!